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Hi, I'm Rachael! :) This wikia is about Hi Puppies! You can find cheats, tips, and much much more! I hope this wikia will be appealing to you, since I have wanted for a very long time a blog/wikia about Hi Puppies. This wikia is simple and basic, just so nobody gets confused and everyone can use it!

If you want, you can visit my accounts on Hi Puppies :) House numbers and names below

Rachael (Original Acc) House Number: 870816 Rachael 2 House Number: 2241409 Rachael 3 House Number: 3280609 Rachael 4 House Number: 3283326

You can also visit my little brother Landen at house 3284447 :)

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Basically this wikia is all about Hi Puupies. Tips, general help, cheats,  possibly a couple videos of me playing Hi Puppies (If I ever get around to it LOL), and much much more!

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And More Playing Hi Puppies
Playing Hi Puppies
Playing Hi Puppies

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        My little pup Bambi on Rachael :)

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